Home Automation

Connect all your sensors and devices to create a fully automated and seamless home management system.

Let your house do the work.

A smart house can monitor and control all your systems, saving you money and giving you peace of mind.

With a smart home system from Envision Security, you can manage your alarm, sensors, lights, thermostats, doors, locks, garages and more from nearly anywhere. And, even better, you can automate any or all of these elements, so they will do what you want, when you want — without you having to lift another finger.

A Comprehensive and Intelligent Home

With a home automation system, the days of worrying about the security and operations of your home are over. It gives you the freedom to concentrate on other things and rest easy knowing it’s keeping track of all activities on your property, from a simple light being left on to a potential emergency situation. Program it to alert you as much or as little as you want, and schedule it to repeatedly do specific things — like lock the doors when the house is empty — so you never have to forget these tasks again.

Unlike other systems that only use a single data point for reference, our technology gathers info from all the devices in your home to offer better information and to more efficiently learn your routines.

Instead of just relying on a lone motion sensor to track activity, it monitors window sensors, temperatures, locks, and everything integrated with your control panel.

Although sophisticated, the automation system is user-friendly and is flexible enough to work with a variety of mobile devices. And, in keeping with its intelligent nature, it’s regularly being updated to work with the latest and most innovative home security devices.

Total Integration

Total Integration

Merge all important devices in one place.

Forget juggling separate apps for your lights, thermostat, security, and more. Instead, manage your entire system from one program.

Adapts to You

Adapts to You

It learns your habits and adjusts accordingly.

This program goes beyond doing things as scheduled, it also monitors how you naturally adjust devices and automatically starts following those patterns



A smart house eliminates tasks from your daily routine.

Why bother turning out lights, locking doors, and setting the alarm each night when you can tell the security system to do all of that and more?

Always On

Always On

Instantly know what’s happening at home.

Program events you deem important, like a door being unlocked or motion in a basement, and the system will alert you any time one occurs.

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