Energy Management

Live comfortable and save money by effortlessly managing your home’s energy use.

Optimize your home’s climate and lighting from wherever you are.

With an Envision smart home system, your property is not only safe, it’s also energy efficient.

Integrate lighting and thermostat controls into your security system to manage your everyday energy consumption and to save money. Even when you’re not paying attention, the energy management system is and will adjust temperatures and lighting based on your behaviors and environmental conditions.

Save Energy and Money the Easy Way

Intelligent thermostats and lighting are friendly for the environment and can significantly reduce your energy bills. Forget nagging people to turn off lights or to lower the thermostat when they leave the house, as you can conveniently do it yourself from an internet-enabled device.

And, if you don’t want to keep up with things yourself, just leave it in the “hands” of the security system. Simply program your preferences into the control panel to have the lights or temperature automatically adjust at specific times of day. Or, let the device “learn” your family’s behaviors on its own and adjust accordingly.

To really understand how you’re using energy, use the Energy Monitoring feature to see where and when you’re using the most electricity.

From there, you can make appropriate modifications and then use the system to monitor how your changes are paying off. You might be surprised how even little adjustments, like making sure all lights are out when you’re away, can result in major savings.

Above all, energy management controls are all about making your life less demanding and more physically comfortable. This includes having an indoor climate tailored especially for you and having the power to program your energy devices to turn on or off according to your schedule.

Set Triggers

Set Triggers

Tell your home what to do for specific events.

Do you want your home to “know” certain things, like to turn out the lights when the house is empty? If so, just program these “triggers” into the system.



A smart home is an always-available house-sitter.

When you travel out of town, a smart home will detect your location and make adjustments to save energy while you’re away.

Learns Patterns

Learns Patterns

The system gets smarter by keeping track of everything.

The energy management system collects data from all sensors — thermostat, windows, alarms, and more — to find patterns and offer recommendations.

Intelligent Schedules

Intelligent Schedules

Personalize and automate your home’s energy systems.

Set your system to your schedule, and you’ll be greeted by a perfect climate when coming home and know things are as you like when away.

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