Business Security

Protect your business, protect assets, and conserve energy with customized security and energy saving technology.

Stay just a click away from your business.

Whether at work or away, you always know what’s happening and that your business is safe.

Our security systems come with an assortment of features to keep your businesses safe and efficient, including live video feeds, open and closing reports, and arming and disarming reminders. You can manage all elements remotely using an internet-enabled device, which means you’re never out of touch with what’s happening at your business.

Work and Play Confidently Knowing Your Business is Secure

As any business owner or manager will attest, no one is going to look after your company quite like you. Still, you can’t always be ‘on the job,’ and to truly be productive, you must focus your attention on areas other than security. This is where our smart business security systems come in. They continuously monitor everything that’s important to you and are always ready to give an update when you want to know what’s going on.

Whether you have an office space or work in retail, service, healthcare, or in any other industry, Envision can provide you with a system customized to your business’ individual needs.

This one-of-a-kind service lets you incorporate the features that best suit your interests and budget while not bogging you down with things you don’t want.

Some of our most popular security features are remote door locking and alarm setting, which give owners the power to secure their buildings from anywhere there’s an internet connection — no need to be there in person or hope employees remember to lock up. Our customers also love having 24/7 video monitoring, automated actions, and having a user-friendly control panel that organizes all systems in one place.

Smart Security

Smart Security

Intelligent security streamlines your day-to-day tasks.

Reduce your responsibilities by programming the system to automatically do things like set the alarm, turn out lights, and monitor who is coming and going.

Monitor Inventory

Monitor Inventory

Your products are never out of sight.

Use video surveillance and motion sensors to ensure your inventory is always under a watchful eye. See exactly how they’re handled and accessed.

Wireless Technology

Wireless Technology

Security that’s burglar and weather resistant.

Traditional alarms use wires and phone lines, which are easily cut by intruders or damaged by weather. Our systems are wireless and backed by cellular technology.

Remote Access

Remote Access

Monitor security and efficiency from your mobile device.

Watch live video feed of your office as well as stored video clips from your smartphone, tablet, or other internet device.

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