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Save up to 30% with a Programmable Thermostat

Thermostats have come a long way in recent years. Modern programmable thermostats provide the basic function of maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures, but they include other valuable features as well. First, they can be programmed to automatically raise or lower the temperature of your facility according to schedules that you define. Manufacturers claim that you can save three to four percent for each degree you lower your thermostat in the winter and raise it in the summer.

Most programmable thermostats allow you to input weekday and weekend schedules. The most sophisticated thermostats will control humidity, outdoor air ventilation, and inform you when the air conditioning filters need to be changed. Some modern thermostats can also include a communications link and demand management features that can be used to reduce air conditioning system energy use during periods of peak electrical demand or high electricity costs. Programmable thermostats can also be combined with HVAC zone control systems to provide optimal comfort and efficiency throughout the facility. When combined with programmable thermostats, manufacturers claim that zoning systems can save up to 30 percent on heating and cooling costs while providing superior comfort.